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The idea to create online bootcamps or crash courses in self-protection came in 2015. After Rafael and I met and realized that we share the same vision the project grew very fast.

Our goal was to teach as many people as possible the basic principles of self-protection despite age, experience, fitness level or financial situation. We wanted to demonstrate that it's possible for everyone to live a life on one's own terms and not led by fear.

We created a free 7 day bootcamp which we organized via Facebook groups. The main component of the bootcamp was a daily video with practical tips for prevention, de-escalation and self-defense. It also included daily challenges like awareness training and a diary to monitor thoughts, perceptions and results. Over 2.000 people from all over Germany took part in our bootcamps.

We continued by creating advanced courses which the students could subscribe to in our membership area on our website. Maybe it was a lack of business experience, maybe the end of our private savings, but after 1½ year we had to stop the project. But for me it wasn't a failure. We tought as much as possible, but learned even more from the countless interactions, personal stories and honest feedback.
Thanks to everyone who took part in this, my awesome partner Rafa and all our friends and peers for ideas and support. But most of all thanks to all the participants - women, men, families, parents, friends. Thanks for the feedback, the enthusiasm, the intimite honesty and so much more. If someone of you stops by this page, leave me a message - I would love to hear from you.
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