Krav Maga as part of physical education

moveplus / girls move
Zukunftsbau GmbH is an organization with multiple school and eductaion programs for school-distanced teenagers and young adults.

In September 2016 Zukunftsbau and I started our first test project in their school program MOVEplus. For 2 months I trained the girls of the project in self-defense instead of their regular physical education class. It was an interessting experience especially since Zukunftsbau never before had this kind of content in their curriculum. I myself have never tought  young students at this age before - plus: I wasn't even sure if the girls would give me a chance to teach them. The students engagement was much stronger than expected and another program asked me to teach their girls as well.
I took my notes from the first course, reworked certain parts and ran the second one a few months later. Here as well the training was a success. I believe there are two main reasons why this worked out so well. First, the subject is close to the everyday life of the students and second, the liberating feeling of beeing able to fight for yourself.

With a clear and steadily improving concept Zukunftsbau and I continued our collaboration with two more courses and a two-day seminar for all employees of the Zukunftsbau GmbH. You can get a more detailed impression of it >> here <<.
I always believed the best teaching method is to lead by example and also that self-empowerment should be an active part of our school system. Teaching someone self-worth and the ability to stand up for oneself results in the ability to see worth in others and build up the courage to stand up for them as well.

Through Krav Maga I have the chance to work with teenagers and young adults and maybe..... just maybe to leave a positive impact.
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