2 Day Seminar

Zukunftsbau gmbh
Zukunftsbau GmbH and I already partnered for two of their school programs that you can read more about >> here <<.

Every year Zukunftsbau organizes a big two-day seminar on different topics for all their employees. Since we already knew each other from the self-defense courses I held for the girls in two of their school programs, we started talking about the idea of a practical two-day Krav Maga seminar. The idea quickly became reality and we staged a 20+ people seminar in November last year.

The first day we focussed purely on self-defense. I believe you need to understand the basics of protecting yourself before you are able to protect and defend others. I always want everyone to know all their options while de-escalting difficult situations.
On the second day we did a lot of role play, implemented techniques we learned the day before, analyzed typical behavior patterns and tested different strategies.

It was a great experience to work with teachers that already have a personal mindset for this topic and a lot of experience with different kinds of aggression. To get an idea of the seminar, watch the video above - a compilation of clips from the first day.


  • Client: Zukunftsbau GmbH
  • Date: 16. & 17.11.2017
  • Category: further education
  • Location: Q-Space Berlin
  • topics: SElf-Defense, third-party protection, de-escalation & awareness

day 1

  • wrist release
  • fighting stance
  • grips & puches
  • choke defense
  • punches & counterattacks
  • bear hugs

day 2

  • multiple attackers
  • angry - aggressive - deadly
  • active & passive civil courage
  • third-party protection
  • Knife thread
  • scenario training
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